Alan Yeck, Founder

Why our health care system is killing us

Oh, how I long for the good old days, way back in 2018, when only 27.5 million Americans were without health insurance. With the COVID-19 right-sizing (to use a friendly corporate term), we can add another 5.5 million to that number today bringing it to 33 million Americans that cannot afford to take care of themselves or their families.  Here’s the good news though – according to the 2019 Health Care Index from CEOWORLD, our healthcare is better than most third world countries like Nepal, the Dominican Republic, and Bangladesh. Wow, that’s awesome to be number one on that list of some of the poorest countries on earth. Another way to put that is to say that our healthcare system is much better than a pile of horse shit (but not as good as cow shit which when combined with straw and dried out can be used for cooking fuel in India). If we compare our health care system against developed nations like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, the United States comes in dead last or the worst (but we’re still number one for being the worst of the best). To put all of this in the proper perspective, the U.S. pays more for health care than any other country in the world – to be the worst of the best, or the best of the worst. What do we get for our dollars? Higher rates of maternal and infant death, shorter life expectancy, and the highest obesity levels anywhere. Why? Why? Why?

If you’ve read any of my other commentaries, when you want to understand why something in the government is broken, has been broken, and continues to be broken long after the lights came on about it, just follow the money. 

We spend double the costs of anywhere else in the world on prescription drugs. It’s not that we take double the amount – we pay at least double the amount, on average. When you get into specific medications the mark-up can several hundred to several thousand percent. I mean it takes a lot of cash to be a big pharma executive. You think mansions, boats, private schools, vacations to the south of France come cheap? Plus they have to pay off the politicians to keep this system going as is. Please, show some compassion for these billionaires – it takes a lot of work to destroy the American working class. Evil helps too.

While none are without blood on their hands, Pfizer, best known for their ‘Johnny Appleseed’s’ approach to opiate distribution in the medical community which resulted in tens-of-thousands of death’s (zero executives went to prison) and hundreds-of-thousands of addicts, had revenue last year was $51.7 billion. That’s down about $4 billion from the previous year but I’m sure there’s a new life saving drug just around the corner that will cost $5,000 a pill so hang in their Pfizer. 

We’re in a capitalistic, democratic society and I begrudge no one or no company the right to make a profit. I do question greed resulting in the demise of our society though. You should too.