They don’t seem to pay attention to my normal size letters so I thought I’d go big this time. I wanted to get 10′ sheets from a paper mill but they don’t do small projects and I had no need for an additional 10,000 yards so I had to become a ‘craft king,’ a ‘maker man.’

I ordered 44″ x 20 yards of printer paper then glued four, 44″ x 44″ sheets together to make the envelope. The three pages inside were 44″ x 104″ long. Finally, I bought some polyurethane, 1/2″ insulation to hold the shape of the envelope. Fortunately, I also had a lot of help from my cats. $123.00 later, it was on it’s way to President Biden. It’s supposed to arrive this Friday. 

I don’t know if anyone will read this one either. I just know I have to keep trying to bring facts and lasting solutions to those in charge about the student loan debt crisis. What is currently coming out of Washington appears to come from the student loan industry lobbyists, and do nothing but ensure the corruption continues. I’m always hopeful in our democracy though. What else can I be?