Guest Contributors

Dr. Christiane Warren is a Senior Consultant at Anna J Cooper Education Advocacy
Recognized for producing growth and cultivating success in the career and education space, Dr. Warren has served as tenured faculty, department chair and academic dean for entire divisions and in the Academic Affairs office at both 2-and-4 year institutions in NJ and NY. Her portfolio includes successfully including social science focused revisions in the Criminal Justice and Human Services degree programs, institution college-wide policy revisions and practices that have reduced dropout rates, increased graduation and improved alumni giving at her client institutions. Dr. Warren is a highly sought conference panelist and event organizer. She is an award-winning educator and published author determined to merge community activism with higher education enrollment and programming reform.

Rights & Wrongs: Rights, Privileges and Misconceptions

We are here to explore the world of Rights, Privileges, Legal systems, and the misconceptions surrounding them. Join us as we listen to guest speakers from varying fields of expertise. As we learn about the meaning of the Buzzwords, Philosophies and Structures that affect our daily lives. Such as Human Rights vs. Civil Rights or Legal Privilege vs. Social Privilege. Learn more at

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