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Article Terms and Conditions

The AltRaged community is welcome to submit original articles for publication on our website and social media channels. We are specifically looking for nonpartisan pieces that address corruption in politics, education, and healthcare with the focus on informing and educating. This could be an opinion piece, article, research paper, cartoon, or any other form you feel would express your opinion on these issues.

You are free to propose anything on politics, education, or healthcare, but please ensure it’s from the voice of the center and is not libelous or slanderous. The corruption that has crippled our country is not tied to one specific political party – these party practices have contributed to the collapse of democracy as we once believed it should be.

Contributors are free to write in any style they choose but please include any references utilizing the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition. Because we have such a diverse group of contributors, we have not imposed one uniform style guide. However, should you wish to include references, please use the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition. With the exception of minor grammatical/stylistic changes, any edits will be agreed upon between the author and AltRaged prior to publication.

A minimum of 250 words and a maximum of one thousand words would be a standard submission, though longer pieces will definitely be considered and, upon agreement with the author, could be separated into smaller, successive pieces. Editors will work with each author to ensure we publish the author’s true voice and meaning.

On submitting the article, you warrant that it is your original work (with appropriate references) and that all the facts contained therein are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. You also agree to share this submission freely with no promise of compensation.  You also warrant that it does not infringe another’s copyright or proprietary rights, does not violate any person’s right of privacy, and that the article has not been published, in whole or in part, by any publication other than the original within the past 365 days.

By submitting, you give AltRaged the exclusive right to any submitted content for 90 days from submission. For 30 days after publication, you give AltRaged a non-exclusive and irrevocable license in perpetuity to republish or repurpose the article or any other submitted or approved materials in print, online, through syndication, or in any other form, manner, format, or medium, whether now known or hereafter developed, directly or through others, and to include the article in electronic archives and databases. AltRaged does not guarantee publication of submittals, and reserves the right to be selective in their content publication process.  AltRaged reserves the right to refuse publication of an article for any reason.  If your submittal is not accepted, AltRaged will reach out within 90 days of submission to notify you.

Additionally, you agree that AltRaged is in no way liable for any losses or damages incurred by you, the author/content creator, during submission, during publication, or after publication of your submittal.  You will be deemed to have accepted these terms upon submission of your article.

If you have any questions, or to submit your idea for consideration, please contact us through the form, or directly by email at