The Grand Illusion: The Party Vote

Alan Yeck, Founder

Global corruption rankings are a peculiar thing. The poorest of countries are the least concerned with deception or least equipped to deeply hide their crimes. Their leaders steal, are not accountable, the people know it – repeat every day. It’s happened so long that it isn’t even considered corruption but rather just how business is done, a part of their culture. The masses at the bottom have no way of protest without being imprisoned or murdered by the police and military, who in turn are given an extra bag of oranges for their loyalty to whoever is in change at the moment (even though they protect thieves and killers, they get to keep their guns and uniforms which gives them their own corrupt layer of power above the masses). Often times these leaders are in place for decades, others not so long but they take what they can while they are there, freely giving bags of oranges to the gangs in black riot gear until the new leader is in place. Corruption (and bags of oranges) flows from the top down. Always. 

The Corruption Perception Index ranks 180 countries on the misuse of power for private benefit. The scale ranges from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (June Cleaver clean). This year, over two-thirds of the countries scored less than 50 this year with the average being 43. Basically, we’re globally fucked (if you didn’t already know). As I said, corruption in many places is now just part of everyday life but the danger isn’t in corruption itself but the destruction of democracy and human rights. Corruption = weak democracy. Weak democracy = death of justice, freedom, opportunity, hope. It’s not a slippery slope it’s the express train straight to hell.

If you are globally aware, and if not put that on your ‘to do’ list please, when you think of Nigeria (you know, the place where the prince needed money he emailed you and in exchange would give you millions upon his departure) being corrupt, does it surprise you? How about Somalia (with a yo, ho, ho, and a trick-a-la-dee-do…)? Can you name the leaders in either country? Then there’s North Korea (Kim Jong-un), Soviet Union (Vlad the Putin), Syria (Ass-ad) and a cornucopia of other countries/leaders throughout the world that would not surprise you at all for being high on the corruption list. We don’t expect much from the ‘bad guys’ so we’re not surprised when they do terrible, inhumane things. 

In the last Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2019: Global Scores, what surprised me is where the U.S. was ranked – 24. “We’re number 24, we’re number 24!” I’ve ordered a big foam hand with 24 fingers (and thumb) to show my pride when we can go back to ball parks.

This means there were 23 other countries that were perceived as less corrupt then us. These included the United Arab Emirates (where everything is completely controlled by a federation of absolute monarchies/sheiks) ranked at 21, and Hong Kong (completely controlled by the communist party of the People’s Republic of China) ranked at 19. Denmark took the top spot (cheese makes everything better). 

One of the things I want you to understand is that for how many we have sent to die around this world in the name of freedom and democracy, we should be in the number one position – the least corrupt on the planet. Should we not?

When I say it surprised me, I don’t mean I thought we would be much higher on the ‘good guy’ list – I thought we would be much lower. Countries that have more resources are sometimes the most corrupt but possess the resources and experience to bury the corruption many layers down, between political rhetoric and gangs in black riot gear getting their own bags of oranges. It’s an intentional deception from those with the most power that our vote will change anything substantially. Whether it’s Kam, Bernie, Don, Mike, Alexandria, Amy, JoeJoe, Larry, Curley or Moe, their parties don’t matter. The system they operate in is broken, corrupt, greedy and neither mainstream group gives a rat’s ass about you or me and it is designed and protected to stay that way. It is bought, lock, stock and barrel by corporate dollars and their wants are at the top of all legislation. The only way to make the United States the place we want it to be is to remove corporate dollars from political influence.

So what do we do next?

1. Ask those running for office if they will either introduce or support a bill that outlaws corporate money donations to political campaigns. 

1. This includes gifts, lunches, vacations, sponsorships… 

2. Ask those running for office if they will either introduce or support a bill that outlaws meeting with lobbyists, outside of a public, recorded, published forum where all Americans can review the conversations. 

If either of those happen then the elected official should be prosecuted with a heavy fines, jail time and removed from office. Fair? If you ask these questions and they answer no (of course it will be a much longer, twisted, answer in the hopes you forgot the original question by the time they get to the end of nonsensical, deceptive rant), then cast your vote to whomever says “yes.” We cannot allow the status quo in American politics to continue and expect anything to get better for anyone. 

Our active duty military has not been called to our streets – yet – and I have the utmost faith that the military leaders would not support that. What I have seen my entire life, is the politicians using law enforcement under the guise of protecting the public when the truth is it’s about protecting them and their financial masters. We must stay vigilant, we must stay awake to see the truth and the ugliness and change it.

The average Nigerian may not have any understanding of what corruption is or how it destroys a democracy. But you do. Fight!