Take Action Now!

Contact Your Local Representatives

One way everyone can help is to ask the politicians running for office if they will make the below promise. Write to them, email them, fax them, ask them in person at debates, in press conferences, in the hallways – get them to respond – simple question, yes or no? 

The Promise (is non-partisan and applicable to all running for office) –

I make this promise to whoever would vote for me in this election that I will propose, and/or support actions that remove corporate influence from American politics including lobbying, lobbyists, PACs, Super PACs,  and all other forms of financial influence including gifts, dinners, or campaign contributions be it cash or any other form of material compensation for myself, my family or any other people affiliated with my campaign. Issues and solutions that affect the American people will be brought to my attention through pubic presentations in public forums, broadcasted, and recorded for review by all the American people. 

If all candidates running make this promise, then we know we will have traction to the action, so then whoever you vote for, whatever party you vote for, is dedicating themselves to cleaning up the corruption, which in turn will establish the new foundation for our democratic nation. 

If they won’t make this promise, ask yourself, and them, why? Campaign reforms can certainly happen to allow all running for public office equal time to present their positions to the voters without having to rely on the individual wealth of the person running or the corporate dollars donated to campaigns. 

Click here to contact your representatives, copy/paste The Promise, and ask for their response.